Our Services

Aerospace Partner
You Can Rely On

Our Services

Aerospace Partner
You Can Rely On

Unparalleled Precision

Count on WG Henschen for unmatched precision and attention to detail in every aerospace solution.

Decades of Trust

With a legacy spanning over six decades, we bring deep-rooted trust to your aerospace journey.

Custom Solutions

From fasteners to fittings, experience personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Reliability Beyond Measure

Our steadfast commitment ensures your success – every component, every time.

Beyond the Expected

Aerospace Solutions

Quick Price Quotes

Swiftly access accurate pricing to make informed decisions without delays.

Supplying Build-to-Print Parts

Transform designs into reality with our precise build-to-print solutions.

Hard to Find Parts

Unlock access to elusive components with our dedicated expertise in locating rare items.

Kitting & Special Packaging

Streamline your operations with meticulously organized kits and custom packaging.

Long Term Agreements

Forge stable partnerships with us through agreements designed for enduring success. Optimize storage and logistics by entrusting us with your components until needed.

Just In Time Programs

Embrace efficient inventory management with components arriving just when required. Experience prompt delivery and seamless integration into your inventory.

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